Converting plastic waste into valuable commodities

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Converting plastic waste into transportation fuels 

PolyFuel does something truly remarkable; we manufacture crude oil – PolyCrude™ from plastic waste.

Utilizing a brilliant, new anaerobic pyrolysis process called; The Grispin Process™, our facilities are designed to receive and process previously non-recyclable plastic waste to create PolyCrude™, a syn-crude oil that is more valuable than West Texas Intermediate crude oil.  While the product streams are marketable as syn-crude oil and naphtha direct from the process, PolyCrude™ can be further refined on-site into transportation fuels like ULS diesel, Jet-A, gasoline blendstocks and marine fuels.  With a 75% conversion rate, a 4-vessel PolyFuel facility can process 240 tons of plastic waste into 1,200 barrels of PolyCrude™ and other petroleum products per day.  That’s over 440,000 barrels of petroleum products annually!  What’s more, this process can scale-up to meet any municipality or region’s demanding plastic recycling needs and also create a true circular-economy for public and private enterprises alike.

Our CTO, Charles Grispin, has developed and refined his process over the last 30+ years. Through a previous effort, it was demonstrated that this technology is now ready for deployment on a commercial scale. His new company, PolyFuel, provides a sustainable solution to the monumental environmental problem of plastic waste.


A 4-vessel PolyFuel facility consumes 240 tons of plastic waste and repurposes it into 1,200 barrels of fuel per day.

The Problem

The US-EPA estimates that over 30 million tons of polymer-based waste is generated and disposed of annually in the United States with less than 10% being recycled. Landfilled plastic waste is a long-term problem taking multiple decades to decompose. This untapped plastic waste stream potentially holds an estimated $40BB worth of embedded energy that could be redirected away from our landfills and recycled into domestically sourced crude oil and used productively.

PolyFuel’s self-sufficient process extracts about 75% of the energy in the waste plastic as oil.  The other 25% is recovered as a gas that is used to drive the process. 

The Solution

The Grispin Process™ utilizes an oxygen-free, catalyst-free environment under relatively low temperature and pressure (anaerobic pyrolysis) to convert waste plastic into PolyCrude™.  The liquid output from this process is easily refined as it already has low sulfur content, and the non-condensable gasses produced are cleaned and fed back into the system to continue heating the pyrolysis system. It’s an incredibly efficient process that produces a high yield of crude oil per ton of waste plastic.

Using unwanted plastic as a raw material is a brilliant way to service the environment and make a profit.  The PolyFuel process is an economically viable, long-term solution for the environment and for society’s energy needs.  Our venture is also directly aligned with the “zero-landfill” initiatives that are being adopted across the country.

To learn more about PolyFuel and what it is doing to rid the world of plastic waste, please write to us on our contact page.  There is a lot more coming, so please visit our website again soon!

We thank you for following our venture.

“It’s not refuse, it’s a resource” 


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