Core Team


Chemist, Engineer, Inventor. Mr. Grispin is one of the world’s authorities in the art and science of polymer pyrolysis. His decades of hands-on experience were
essential in achieving the desired specifications and results for the production of valued products. Mr. Grispin has extraordinary knowledge and understanding of quantum thermodynamics as it relates to polymer pyrolysis. He also has knowledge & experience of process design, mechanical engineering, equipment fabrication and high-temperature metallurgy.

Charles W. Grispin

CTO | Technical Advisor


Mr. Holub has been involved with the advancement of PTO/PTF from plastic pyrolysis for nearly a decade. His C-Suite experience for PolyFuel centers on team building, management, developing the business case and the introduction of The Grispin Process™ into the marketplace. His family’s business was one of the leading scrap metal merchants in Ohio, where Mr. Holub first learned the values of recycling and the maintenance of profitability in difficult markets.

Richard D. Holub

Founder | CEO



Mr. Musgrave is an accomplished veteran in the infrastructure development and asset finance industry. His experience includes structuring and sourcing project level financing as well as platform funding structures. Mr. Musgrave has a background in starting, building and operating various infrastructure and utility related companies with revenue and operations components. His involvement with the Company is at the Board level, with focus towards financial modeling, corporate structure and representations to prospective investors.

Scott Musgrave

Founder | CFO



Mr. Johnstone has worked from the ground up, literally, from hands-on experience with MRF separation systems, to developing an educational platform upon which the reclassification of plastic waste is understood and accepted. “It’s not refuse, it’s a resource”. His efforts are never-ending, as the core task itself is monumental; “Changing the way we think about plastic waste” is not just a tag-line, but a constant endeavor of education, feedstock procurement and management.

Nicholas Johnstone

Director, Feedstock Development


Board of Advisors


With a ChE, PhD & Doctor of Engineering, Honoris Causa, Dr. Cobb joined Wright Killen & Co. as its President in 1982, He oversaw the successful merger of Wright Killen into Ernst & Young in 1996. After Ernst & Young sold its consulting business, Dr. Cobb created and led his own consulting firm, Calvin Cobb & Co. in Houston, TX. In 1992, he was recognized as an AIChE Fellow, one of the highest honors that can be conferred on a chemical engineer.  He served as President of AIChE in 2001 and was the 2005-2006 chair of the AIChE Institute of Sustainability.

Dr. Calvin B. Cobb


Mr. Dudley has acquired a uniquely broad record of career skills, knowledge, and credentials that covers the extended downstream & petrochemicals, midstream and renewables industry segments. He has worked for large energy operating companies, management consulting firms, and global EPC companies. His work includes strategy and business plans development, transaction advisory support, and project development and management oversight. Mr. Dudley’s experiences include roles in which he led several successful business startups as well as serving on management teams in large organizations. His operational positions have extended into senior roles in Fortune 500-level companies.

James A. Dudley



Mr. Costello has over 30 years of experience in the chemical process industries and the hazardous waste businesses. His company, RC Costello Consulting, develops scalable refinery process systems around the world. His diverse background includes process and project engineering, plant operations, management and troubleshooting, His background also includes RCRA permit application preparation.

Rocky C. Costello